Agent: Fresh Variety- Laura Gilman (603) 518-5783

Scot Nery @fb

Hobbies: Home improvement, organizing, watching movies

Fun fact: Scot lives in hollywood and has done lots of work on screen: movies, commercials, TV and music videos. He's talked with celebrities like Adam Sandler, Christina Aguilera, Robin Williams and many more.

Favorite Trick: He loves pancake flipping. It's funny and challenging and reminds him of his dad's breakfasts.

Scot started doing magic shows at age 11. He just loved entertaining in all forms. It's no surprise he ended up in the entertainment capital of the world -- Los Angeles.

For Scot, nothing compares to live shows. He loves seeing the reaction and creating an event that can not be duplicated or experienced again. He's proud to be Evan's partner in the Showoff Show because together they are pushing the limits and challenging themselves every time.

Evan Young @fb

Hobbies: Vintage Motorcycles, travel, photography, watching cat videos, collecting college hats

Fun fact: Evan was born in Alaska, and has been to every state in the USA, as well as several territories.

Favorite trick: Either the skateboard catapult, or rolling coins down knuckles.

Evan learned to Juggle at a Boy Scout meeting at the age of 15, which was a perfectly timed introduction to the benefits of showing off in public. After a few years of high school flirting, he took off to a circus college in Bristol England, where he managed to hone in some of his skills and began to gain a sense for the brand of comedy performer he had inside him. Since then he's developed a fun solo performing career, but more importantly was a founding member of the SHOWOFF Show, and has performed at hundreds of colleges across the country. Evan says that his favorite thing about his job is getting to interact with people in a unique way that makes them excited about something that's going on right in front of them.