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Ease & Excitement Packed

Every stage of working with the Showoff Show has been streamlined for an incredible experience. Being one of your favorite stage shows is not enough for us. We want to make everything easy and fun from start to finish.

Smooth Booking

With Laura at Fresh Variety, you get the nice booking experience you want -- simple, friendly and direct -- so that you can spend your energy on the good stuff.

Laura will lead you right. Fresh Variety is an exclusive agency only representing top level professional and consistent variety artists for satisfaction every time.

You being connected to her means booking is a breeze. You can call or email any time and you'll get top priority and a business acquaintance you will cherish.

Laura Gilman
(603) 518-5783

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Getting Big Audiences

We know that a lot goes into planning an event at your school and if nobody shows up, it can make you feel awkward. We'll help all we can with getting the word out and getting students excited.

Engaging Teasers

Evan and Scot will find people where they gather to stir up commotion and excitement.

Showoff SHow Teasers
showoff table toy
Paper Table Toy

Promote shows in a fun way by downloading our easy folding paper toy and setting it on table tops where people hang out.

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Printable Posters

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Fun & Spectacle on Stage

In the show, you see a couple of natural showoffs doing what they do best and you get to learn a few tricks to add to your own showoff repertoire.

Showoffs Live Show Showoffs Live Show Showoffs Live Show Showoffs Live Show Showoffs Live Show Showoffs Live Show Showoffs Live Show Showoffs Live Show

Our Show Promo Video

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The After-Math is Better Than Math!

"[Evan's] show was better than the Dolphin Show at the aquarium" Cory Kramer, Baltimore MD

"Your rapport with the audience was amazing." Carol Fritz, Philadelphia PA

"More than just an amazing juggler or contortionist, Scot is an improvisational phenom. One can only imagine how hard he worked for it to come off with such ease.*Hilarious*" Matt Kowal, New Belgium Brewery

Happy Customers
showoff show poster
11" x 17" Poster

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